Free Motley Crew Greatest Hits CD

Free Motley Crew Greatest Hits

You can either pay $1.30 per song or download the entire Motley Crew greatest hits album for free. Tough choice.

Free Gluten-Free Soy Sauce

Gluten Free Soy Sauce

Little Soya is giving away samples of their gluten-free soy sauce. They require you to confirm your (freebie) email address though. That’s a pretty hefty commitment for a condiment. I’ve ended relationships because I didn’t want to live together yet now you’re in my inbox? Oh man…

Ah, you know… Look, Soya, you’re wonderful but I think maybe we should see other flavors. Molasses and I have grown fairly close lately. We didn’t plan for it to happen, it just did!

Free Electro Rent 2015 Calendar

This free Electro Rent 2015 calendar has given me a new business idea: rent electricity! It’ll be dirt cheap, but you have to give all the energy back by running in a giant hamster wheel. It’s foolproof!

125 Free Kellogg’s Points

Free Kellogg's Points

I hope you’re cool with 125 free Kellogg’s points because that’s all I’ve got right now!

KFRTHANKYOU50PTS – 50 points
QUIZWHIZ50POINTS – 50 points

Don’t forget all the current free Kellogg’s codes can be found here. Or at least the ones I think are current. It’s kind of hard keeping up, so please leave a comment if you find one that’s dead.

Free Nutella Go & Muller Yogurt

Free Nutella & Go!

I’m not big on being bossed around by my breefies, but I’ll make an exception for today’s free Nutella & GO! *walks into kitchen* Is this far enough?

Don’t forget to add Kroger’s free Muller yogurt to your account as well!

25 Free Kellogg’s Points

Free Kellogg's Points

January has a reputation for plunging the freebie world into the doldrums and it looks like 2015 is no different. Will these 25 free Kellogg’s points via code TOUCANSLOVECOCOA help bridge the gap to more fruitful times? No, not at all. What makes you think an electronic code can be used as a bridge? I’d go with steel or wood.

[thanks Freebies 4 Mom!]

Free Redbox Rental Code

Free Redbox Movie

If you didn’t perform your civic duty last November, fret not! You get to make up for it by voting in Redbox’s prestigious-pending Ruby Awards. Upon completion, you’ll receive a free Redbox DVD rental code in 2 weeks.

Free Roux Hair Care Products

Free Hair Care Products

There are currently two free Roux hair care products available: keratin repair and color protect. The confirmation page says a representatives from the company will contact you, so plan to use a 555 number you picked up at a bar.

Free i-cool Hot Flash Relief Cloths

Free i-cool Cloths

These free i-cool hot flash relief cloths are targeted towards women suffering from menopause or men named Goob who get flushed simply checking the mail.

Free Sparkling Ice Water & Powerbar

Free Sparkling Ice Water

That’s not a twinkle in my eye, that’s SavingStar’s free Sparkling ice water, lemonade, or iced tea. They must be in cahoots with Kroger, as they also are offering one of three free Powerbar flavors. Veteran Hiffers will recall I’m horrible at making choices, so I let me cat pick for me by walking on the keyboard. I can’t wait to get free lasd3un2 in a few weeks!